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About Us

WAC-HNG works as a coalition of area partners to protect the natural communities and scenic beauty of the Hickory Nut Gorge by managing the establishment and spread of non-native invasive plant species.

We operate collaboratively to provide both public and private landowners in the Gorge with the information and resources that they need to restore their land to its native habitat.

WAC-HNG and it's partners share the following common goals:
  • Funding -- Establish sustainable funding methodology for WAC-HNG which also stimulates the economic engine of the area through the ensuing need for services which contribute to the reduction of non-native invasive plant species in the gorge.
  • Inventory, Restoration and Monitoring -- Determine extent of the non-native invasive plant infestation, and develop operating plan protocols
    1. to return habitats to an ecologically healthy state and
    2. that establish continued monitoring.
  • Control -- Promote effective, integrated management of priority non-native invasive plants within designated areas as described in the strategic and operating plans.
  • Education & Outreach -- Increase public awareness of both the impacts of non-native invasive plants and the importance of natural resource conservation.
  • Manpower -- Establish an effective, sustainable source of volunteer labor for WAC-HNG projects.


To view our Memorandum of Understanding between our Partners please Click Here.

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