Look Familiar?

Do you have any of these Non-native Invasive Plants?

A non-native invasive plant can be defined as a species that is:

1. Non-native to the habitat or ecosystem it was found in and

2. Once introduced will cause economic or environmental harm.

Here in the Gorge we have many plant species that are not native;
many of which also cause substantial economic and environmental degradation.
Here is a list of the most common Invasive species that occur in our area.

Click each plant for more information.



Oriental Bittersweet

 Princess Tree

Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese Knotweed

English Ivy


Multiflora Rose

Japanese Stiltgrass

Other less common but equally harmful non-native invasive species
that can be found in the Hickory Nut Gorge include:

1. Chinese Silvergrass
2. Chinese Lespedeza
3. Marsh Dayflower
4. Japanese Barberry
5. Winged Burning Bush
6. Wineberry
7. Wisteria
8. Vetch
9. Butterflybush
10. Periwinkle

The increasing threat of encroaching invasive species directly affects
the Hickory Nut Gorge, its biological communities, and its people.

Download our brochure to find out more about how
non-native invasive plants threaten our community. Click here.

Some invasives are edible! Why not make some
teas or pie after removing them?
To download a list of edible invasives, Click here.

We encourage everyone to get out and become familiar with these
non-native invasive plants. The first step in controlling them is to identify them!
To have your property inventoried for all of its invasive plant species,
please request a site management plan by clicking HERE.

For more information on how to control non-native invasives yourself,
or for a list of professional contractors that we recommend,
visit our resources page by clicking HERE.


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