Inventory Data


A thorough inventory of the entire Hickory Nut Gorge would provide us, and other land managers, with crucial data that is necessary to control the spread and establishment of non-native invasive plant species. In September of 2012 the first inventory of the HNG was started based on the following criteria. Inventory priority is given to;

a) areas that have natural significance and high ecological value
b) areas that promote the spread of invasives such as road and stream corridors
c) larger contiguous tracts of land
d) areas that are easily accessible and areas that have a higher probability of success  

This data is essential in creating accurate plans to effectively remove and restore degraded habitats in the Gorge.

Inventory data is collected by staff and volunteers trained in non-native invasive species plant identification with GPS units. Data collected includes species name, location, size, percent cover, maturity, and accessibility. Data is then entered into our database and shared with the Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDMaps) where it can be utilized by others for management purposes.

If you wish to request for your property to be inventoried by WAC-HNG staff please click our REQUEST INFO tab.


WAC-HNG is currently working to inventory the gorge by the previous priorities mentioned.

Most of the remaining, uninventoried land is owned privately.


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